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New and Solo Material

This page will be where you can find my new material


I've been busy playing in the last two years, and although I have been writing music I haven't recorded until recently. - Here is my latest instrumental piece (7th June 2016) A Guitar Duet - A Study in Open Strings






websiteguitar 003_edited-2


My Latest Work (5th June 2014) A new track with another slide show accompaniment. It is called 'The Last of the Goons' 

This started with some lyrics my father wrote when Spike Milligan died and I finally got around to doing something with it at the beggining of the year. I asked him to write another couple of verses and now we have a song! 

Lyric by Roger Eade, Music, Vocals and arrangement by Brian Eade.





Check out my new video for a new recording of my 2006 track Christmas 1914 from 'Two Steps Back'. 

(April 2013)


Two Steps Back - Straight Furrow II




An Album composed by me with one traditional number, and played with Straight Furrow band member Susan Williams. Here is the track 'Time and Tide' from that album





Time and Tide - Brian Eade solo




This was my first official Solo album, accompanied by Mark Fawcett and Susan Williams on a few tracks. All tracks are composed by me.

Here is my most famous track, originally recorded with Straight Furrow but played solo here - It's Weeting Fair.




Happy Now - Brian Eade solo



Happy Now is my latest Solo album. Composed entirely by me and performed solo with backing by Mark Fawcett. Recording and Production of the Cd was by Mark Fawcett.

 This is an instrumental track called 'Stiffkey Blues

P.S;  A "Stiffkey Blue", is the type of cockle found in Stiffkey and it's NOT pronounced "Stewkey" !!



 As well as my solo career don't forget to check out what I am doing with 

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